Outsourcing Marketing in Tbilisi, Georgia – Outsource it!

Outsourcing Marketing in Tbilisi, Georgia

outsourcing marketingOutsourcing marketing is a great way to benefit your business with minimal cost. Nowadays many companies in Tbilisi and abroad prefer to outsource this field to professionals and instead, focus on other growth opportunities, such as product development.

This can be a great solution for small companies, start-ups or even big businesses who want to find a fresh viewpoint and redirect their marketing strategy.

Some companies choose to outsource some parts of marketing but not all of it. Here we have listed several marketing outlets that are most commonly outsourced in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Social Media Marketing

Presence on multiple social media platforms is essential for any business nowadays. Being active on these platforms gives company an opportunity to increase sales and brand awareness. This will also contribute to finding new clients through ads and other activities.

In Georgia, Facebook and Instagram are the most popular social media networks. If you use them for your business, you have access to about 70% of the population.

Social Media algorithms change daily. It takes knowledge and practice to learn what kind of branding and ads are the most effective. It can be challenging for one person in the company to keep up with these changes and create effective content. This is the reason outsourcing social media management to the company that specializes in this field is a good idea.

Google Ads

Google is the most popular search engine in Georgia. Because of that, many companies choose to run ads on google and find new customers this way.

If done correctly, this can be a very cost-effective way of increasing brand awareness and sales online.

SEO Optimization

SEO optimization is a relatively new field for Georgian business, although it is very popular in global markets. In many international organizations’ marketing strategy SEO optimization plays a central role.

SEO optimization helps your website to attract new visitors from the search engines for little to no cost.

Creating and managing of a website

Your company’s website acts as a virtual online hub. For your digital marketing strategy to be successful you need an up-to-date and effective web-page. You will also need to monitor and manage it daily for optimal results.

E-mail marketing

Just sending multiple e-mails no longer seems to be effective; however international organizations have found several tricks to use this marketing tool successfully.

You need a separate strategy for your e-mail campaign. Although branding and design is very important for it to be visually attractive, content is still the most vital part of an e-mail campaign. It has to be interesting for your target audience.

 Benefits of marketing outsourcing

  • Expertise – Marketing companies usually work in teams – with each professional bringing different ideas and viewpoints to the table. This can be very beneficial to the strategy.

They will also have the benefit of experience – knowledge of the market, target audience and all the marketing tools relevant to your type of business. Many companies are also using expensive software and internet services, which make their work more efficient.

  • Cost – Marketing staff is expensive. To utilize different tools you will probably have to hire multiple professionals. Even if you find one person who can do everything from social media and website management to client communications, you will likely have to pay them a hefty salary and also provide some benefits and trainings. What happens when this one person falls ill or goes on vacation? Even in teams of marketing professionals it can be hard to adjust when team member is absent for some reason.

On the contrary, for the same (if not less) money you can hire a company that will do the same job more effectively. You will have set expanses and receive guaranteed service. You will not have to worry about this team’s salaries, software and hardware costs, trainings, benefits and paid leaves.

  • Time – Building team of marketing specialists takes a lot of time and effort. Learning the entire marketing field yourself is even harder and more time-consuming. Save yourself this precious resource and let the teams of professionals help your business more efficiently.

If you find the right company for your business, you will have access to all the data and information about their activities. You will also receive monthly or quarterly report and see if their work is effective or not. There should be no hidden costs and expenses.

To sum up, it is worth giving a try to outsourcing all or some marketing services to a professional team if you think hiring additional employees is expensive/time-consuming for your company.

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