Email marketing for business

EMAIL marketing for your business

Email-MarketingBLH offers Email marketing services for your business.

What is Email marketing?

Email marketing is well-established internet marketing activity, aimed at reaching targeted audience through sending ads via E-mail.

How does Email marketing work ?

Email marketing is one of the most effective tools in the world of digital ads, which is aimed at attracting new clients, maintaining their loyalty or just informing them in the quickest manner.

Email marketing service includes preparing well-designed ads and sending them to the targeted audience via Email platforms.

Client orders email marketing service and inform us regarding particular needs. Based on the demand of a client, our team prepares special design in the HTML format which then is attached and sent to the E-mail addresses laid down in the Email lists specially prepared for the ad campaign.

There are different types of Email marketing available, such as: product and service offers, notices of discounts and promotions, just greetings, reminders, etc.


What do we offer?

  • Planning of Email ads campaign, based on the needs of the client;
  • Creating and managing Email lists for the campaign;*
  • Creating of ads: design, textual and video material processing;
  • Organizing of Email sending process;
  • Monitoring of the ads campaign process, Detailed analysis of the results.

*We have Email lists of Georgian and Foreign organisations, as well as natural persons.

Advantages of the Email marketing:

Comparable low costs- our packages start from 99$;

Time-consuming nature – dozens and hundred thousand emails can be sent per day;

Flexibility- effective monitoring of the whole process of an ad campaign, starting from drafting an Email, ending with analyzing the results.

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If you want an effective Email marketing solutions, don’t hesitate, contact us now, our team of professionals is ready to provide high-quality service.